Portfolio - Installations - Flown

Flown is an illuminated geometric light installation animated with delicate patterns of programmed movement.

It appears as an ephemeral cloud-like structure that has drifted to ground and we are immersed in it at a molecular level, watching light refracting through its cells.

Flown is an extendable sculptural form constructed with interlocking shapes made from acrylic hand folded by the artist. It currently contains over 800 individual pieces that can be re-configured to fit many different spaces. It has been shown in both gallery and public settings in a range of scales. The original work was made over a six-months period through an intuitive drawing and model making process and the construction of the acrylic forms was a daily meditative practice.

Flown was developed through a hand drawing process originating from the work ‘Shaken’, (pencil on paper, 2015). The drawing was made using a set of construction rules used in repetition to generate a texture. The artist uses drawing as a method of conceptualising the work and in evolving the physical structures. The 3 dimensional work is a direct extension of an instinctive drawing process.

Flown exhibits subtle, soft changes implemented with a unique computer program tailored to the physical work. Waves of white and pale colours of light flow through the structure. Every few seconds or so small bursts of intense colour chases through. The programming can be run independently or can be connect to its environment by photon sensors that measure humidity, light and temperature. This information is then used to influence the changes of colour.

In 2016 Flown won the Lumen Global Digital Arts Prize Sculpture and 3D Award and the Art CHI Exhibition First Prize, San Jose, California.