Watermans, London. June-July 2017

Flown (2017)
Esther Rolinson
Pencil crayon drawing on paper. 110cm x 110cm.

Rolinson's works were shown at Watermans Gallery London in an exhibition curated by Watermans and V&A Digital Co-ordinator Irini Papadimitriou. It included the award winning installation work Flown, made from hand folded acrylic and programmed LEDs developed in collaboration with Sean Clark.

Surrounding the section of Flown were a collection of drawings and two wall mounted light works, Signal Brass and Signal Black. The drawings showed a range of techniques from large-scale spontaneous pencil works, to oil pastels and detailed rule-based drawing structures.

Studio International interview

Esther Rolinson. Gravitate exhibition.

The show was opened with a special event at Watermans Theatre in which the artist discussed her practice with Douglas Dodds, Senior V&A curator, in front of a large audience. A catalogue with texts from Dr Linda Candy and Irini Papadimitriou was produced for the launch. The exhibition was reviewed in an article written for Studio International by international curator and writer Caroline Menezes:

“Esther Rolinson is an artist with many talents who brilliantly combines different artistic expressions in her practice.In Gravitate, at the Watermans Art Centre in London, an exhibition in partnership with the Computer Arts Society, Rolinson has put her drawings on display, revealing that the movement that spurred her to make art in the first place can also be observed in the pencil and graphite lines in a two-dimensional shape.

As highlighted by their titles, compositions such as Attraction (2016) and Expansion(2016) contain pulsating structures that appear to rise out of the paper."

Menezes in Studio International 19/07/2017

Expansion (2017)
Esther Rolinson
120cm x 120cm
Pencil on paper

Flown (2016)
Esther Rolinson
Hand folded individual acrylic pieces
Programmed LED lighting

Esther Rolinson in conversation
with Douglas Dodds, Senior V&A curator

Turning (2017)
Esther Rolinson
66cm x 150cm
Oil pastel on inked paper

Shaken (2017)
Esther Rolinson
Giclée Print
80cm x 80cm
Pencil on paper

Signal Series - Black No. 1 (2017)
Esther Rolinson