Current Projects / Luminations

The public art commission 'Luminations'
will be revealed in Winter 2021.

Title: Luminations
Date: 2021
Dimensions: 500m x 4m
Material: Steel, programmed lighting

'Luminations' is a 500m light artwork currently under construction in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, and will be opened later in winter. It is an extendable sculptural art system derived directly from Rolinson's Gravitate Drawing Series. 'Luminations' is an eloquent animated light artwork that will lead people along the Cleethorpes North Promenade.

The installation is formed of two lines of light that boldly loop and curve around lampposts. It captures those heart-soaring moments on the big dipper when gravity loses its grip. In this artwork, Rolinson has taken the traditional language of seaside illuminations to new heights.

Festoon lights are shaped into three-dimensional forms and animated with sophisticated programming. Light movements will chase through the festoons like sprites of wind scudding over sand, bursting out in squally crescendos that fade like fireworks drifting to the ground. Luminations has been created by Esther Rolinson and constructed in collaboration with The LightLab.

In 'Luminations', I am taking the flowing lines developed in drawings onto a huge scale for the first time. The installation uses the same principles as the handmade marks but on a giant scale. It's an exact system of shapes combined in many different ways to create an enormous variety of looping forms that can be extended indefinitely, like a mathematical pattern.

The artwork will appear beautifully simple, but it's taken some serious engineering work – I've been working with The LightLab to produce the detailed design. When it is all up and running, I will be using dynamic animations that will be played back, so light movements chase and burst into life along the promenade.

Making 'Luminations'. Luminations mixed media installation art by Esther Rolinson.
Making 'Luminations'. Luminations mixed media installation art by Esther Rolinson.
Making 'Luminations'. Luminationsn mixed media installation art by Esther Rolinson.