Public Art / Stream

'Stream' was commissioned by Hastings Borough Council in 2002, constructed in collaboration with the lighting designers Sutton Vane Associates.

Title: Stream
Date: 2002
Media: Light installation
Dimensions: 3m x 8m
Material: Stainless steel, glass and light
Site: Hastings Promenade

'Stream', situated on the Promenade and opposite Marine Court in Hastings, is a light installation created by multimedia artist Esther Rolinson. As a public art scheme, the intention was to bring a light wave that would relate to the marine landscape and illuminate the communal promenade.


It was unveiled in 2001 and comprised seven steel and blue glass columns, each 350cm high. The columns extend along the roadside for some 40 metres. At night, the columns illuminate in sequence with blue light, creating a ‘wave’, reflecting the movement of the sea. 'Stream' is an artwork reflecting a balance between geometric order and fluid movement. It is public art that has a deep relationship with the local historical context.


It is reminiscent of the groynes that dip into the sea or the beacons of light spreading along this coastline. The light artwork dialogues with the large modernist building opposite like an undulation of light flowing off its enormous bow as it rounds the corner of the coastline. 

A powerful public art installation that speaks directly with the community that daily walks by the light artwork

At night, 'Stream' has the potential of creating blue light that blows through the structures as if catching the wind or reflecting the sounds of the sea. Over many years this artwork itself has become an iconic feature of the area, quietly enduring all weather and becoming a marker for walkers, cyclists, and motorists alike. Some testimonials of the installation's impressions on the locals are: 

- "When I adopted my son, each day I had to visit him, it was so hard to leave him but every time I saw the lights, I counted a day less until he would be with me."

- "'Stream' has such a beautiful benign presence."

- "'Stream' is part of my daily walk, it is one of my favourite places."