Public Art / Flow

Jubilee Courtyard, Musgrove Park Hospital, 2014. Stone floor in sandblasted granite.

Title: Flow
Date: 2014
Dimensions: 12m x 4m
Material: Stone floor in sandblasted granite

'Flow' draws conceptually on the notion of organic fluid forms streaming through the order of a structured environment. It works with the idea of branching patterns that can be found at every scale; from the wider Somerset landscape of rivers carving through stone, to the roots of the original Eisenhower tree, and the flow of people everyday through the hospital.

The artwork is visually based on plant drawings, responding to the use of water within the courtyard space, inferring the pathways of roots seeking water through rocks. The work, which has been sandblasted into granite sits at the base of a new tree within the space, defining a contemplative area within the heart of the courtyard.

I wanted to express the complex networks of people and experiences that are found in the hospital. That in a similar way to the roots of a tree, they are searching out nourishment.