Installations / Ten Thousand Thoughts

'Ten Thousand Thoughts' is a mixed media installation hand-worked by Esther Rolinson in a daily meditative practice. Each piece marks the letting go of a thought and is entirely unique.

Title: Ten Thousand Thoughts
Date: 2019 - 2021
Dimensions: Variable
Material: Hand-folded aluminium tubes and programmed light
First exhibited: Anise Gallery, London 2019 - 2020

Light art is always changeable.

'Ten Thousand Thoughts' is like a vapour trail of consciousness. It is an installation constructed from individual fine aluminium tubes that have been hand-worked by Esther Rolinson in daily meditative practice. Together they create an ever growing sea of free flowing shapes that fit together in a visual static. Each one marks the letting go of a thought and is entirely unique. Like a fire of thoughts burning up in smoke, it reminds us of our dissolution to nothingness. 'Ten Thousand Thoughts' has a dual nature. It is a smothering smoke of thoughts and a testament to the potential for exponential growth when we let go of our thinking in the present moment. For Esther Rolinson, it is an exercise in disciplining the mind to create beyond the imagination.

"I cannot predict how the work will fully be, but I know that bringing my attention to each action in its construction it will grow beyond my expectation."

'Ten Thousand Thoughts' is an extendable system that can continue endlessly. It can be shown on a small or large scale, like an immense vaporous cloud.

The installation is illuminated by moving lamps programmed with motions that echo the process of making the structure. The lamps throw light up into the haze casting out intense layers of shadows.

They are controlled by generative programming, conceiving patterns influenced by and directly derived from Esther Rolinson’s drawings. To develop this aspect, she has worked with artist and programmer Dr Sean Clark.

In November 2019, 'Ten Thousand Thoughts' had its premiere in an exhibition at Anise Gallery in London. Art Critic Tabish Khan (FAD magazine and Londonist) nominated 'Ten Thousand Thoughts' as one of the top 5 London exhibitions for December 2019.