Installations / Rivoluzione

'Rivoluzione' is a mixed-media artwork, an immersive installation which envelopes us in a sensory experience.

Title: Rivoluzione
Date: 2022 - 2023
Dimensions: Variable
Material: Galvanised steel mesh and bespoke programmed lighting system
Location: Frazione Eclause, Salbertrand, TO 10050

'Rivoluzione' is a light installation that Esther Rolinson has built in the alpine village of Eclause, near Salbertrand, in the northern state of Piemonte, Italy, where she has recently established her new studio. It is a reworking of her earlier piece 'Revolve' originally built for Curve Theatre in the UK.

'Rivoluzione' sits in the apex of a 15th Century historic building at 1,368m above sea level in the mountains. The work has been supported by Cantina Alpina and sits in the roof space of their building which lies at the heart of the village. Cantina Alpina have numerous projects in the area including a restaurant, gallery and multi-use business space. With the input of projects such as this, a once abandoned environment is being regenerated bringing life back to the buildings and nurturing new communities through cultural use.

The artwork is a hand-built structure made by Esther Rolinson from galvanized steel mesh, wood and programmed light. The programming has been carried out by Sean Clark and uses data from the marks of Esther Rolinson’s drawing used in the process of developing the work. Like a silent explosion it responds to the dramatic changes taking place in Eclause.

Rivoluzione is a meditation on the physical sense of release, transitioning from thunderous noise to silence. A visualisation of a quiet voice that powerfully punctuates the air until it is exhausted in the mountain atmosphere.

'All that has been held still will be released, all that has been unspoken will be spoken'